45% off Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

45% off Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Ends - 2020.4.23
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  • Efficient cleaning: Put the automatic toilet bowl cleaner into the water tank, clean the scale of the tank, clean the toilet urinary scale, reduce dirt adhesion and precipitation.
  • Good internal components : Toilet tank cleaner will not affect the water tank, drain pipe and bottom wax seal.
  • Long-lasting protection: A bottle of automatic toilet bowl cleaner system can be washed 900 times, continuous use, thereby reducing the number of hand brush.
  • Unique design and simple operation: Automatic toilet bowl cleaner iadopting a colloidal without residue; no residue on the inner wall of the toilet. Open the package, take out the upper stopper and put it in tank (away from the outlet/inlet).
  • Plant extraction technology: Automatic toilet bowl cleaner clean odor, accompanied by plant fragrance scrubbing bubbles.

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