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COUNTRY STYLE OUTDOOR DECOR: Designed with a rustic, antique appearance, this wagon garden planter complements many decorative outdoor setups
SPACIOUS CART: Wagon is built with a deep and wide cart bed that will provide plenty of space to securely grow your favorite plants
EASY TO MOVE: Real rolling wheels pair with a lightweight design to allow for easy mobility around your patio, lawn, or garden
READY PLANTER: This cart is weather-resistant and ready to hold your favorite plants from seedling to sprout, regardless of soil pH
NATURAL, DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of natural fir wood with a burned finish, it will give your outdoor living space years of style

Overall Dimensions: 28.25"(L) x 16.5"(W) x 17.5"(H)
Cart: 25.75"(L) x 13.25"(W) x 6"(H)
Wheel: 11.75"(L) x 1"(W) x 11.75"(H)
Handle: 23"(L) x 1"(W)
Weight: 13 lbs.

Material: Fir Wood

With its rustic design and antique look, you will complement your outdoor dcor
Fir wood construction and burn finish will give you the style you have been looking for in your garden
Real rolling wheels and lightweight design allow for easy mobility around your yard
The width and long length of the wagon cart will securely hold your plants in place
Dimensions: 28.25"(L) x 16.5"(W) x 17.5"(H)

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