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Clorox Pool&Spa Shock Plus clears cloudy water, kills bacteria, and destroys contaminants fast with its powerful 4 in 1 formula. Shock your vinyl pool without the risk of damaging your liner. Shock Plus doesn't impact pH and is fast dissolving, so you can swim in as little as 15 minutes. No premixing required & dissolves fast! Enjoy sparkling, crystal clear water all season long. Shock Plus is great for both in ground pools and above ground pools. Pair with your favorite sanitizing product such as Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Tablets or All in One XtraBlue Chlorinating Granules. Always apply according to label directions. For best results, add to the deepest end of the pool with the filter running. Circulating pool water when applying chemicals helps disperse chemicals throughout the pool for maximum coverage. Most customers find the best time to apply this pool shock is during their weekly maintenance. When you test your pool water, balance it with Clorox Pool&Spa balancers and apply your sanitizer and shock as necessary.Clorox Pool&Spa 6-Pack 1 lb Shock Plus: 4 in 1 shock Clears cloudy water and removes swimmer contaminants Reduces chlorine odor and eye irritation Improves filter performance Won't impact pH Treat and swim in 15 minutes Available in 1LB Bags, 6-1LB packs and 12-1LB packs

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