Salt Lamp Clock/Wake up Light with Clock 35%OFF

Salt Lamp Clock/Wake up Light with Clock 35%OFF

Ends - 2020.5.19

  • SALT LAMP LIGHT CLOCK - It is not only an alarm clock but also a Bedside Lamp or Night Light. Real Sunrise Simulation Wake-up light, simulates the sunrise with a natural crystal. When the light gently diffuses through the crystal, the whole crystal glows like a real rising sun, warm and downy, improving your sleep, energy.
  • EASY to SET CLOCK- The wake up ligt alarm clock set, the light gradually increases brightness in 15 minutes before the alarm time, to wake you up naturally and gently. Working with the high precision chip, the time need to be adjusted once every 10 years. Even without the power, the time can be sync more than 6 months. No need to find a switch, a simple tap can turn off the alarm, or control the light.
  • 100% NATURAL SALT LAMP-Each salt crystal is dug from Himalayan, Pakistan. The salt mines are in the deep underground for thousands of years. Carefully hand carved up to maintain its natural shapes and minimum contamination of the salt. Salt releases negative ions to improve air quality when you light it,creating comfortable environment.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS SALT- Himalayan salt lamp when lit emits a soft amber glow, the heated Salt Crystal emits negative ions the naturally ionized air Creates a Soothing and Calming Affect which helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed. 80+ types of minerals and trace elements are contained, essential for healthy body cells, improving sleeping condition, and to have an energetic daytime.
  • BEST GIFT&HOME Decor-Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is a calming, soothing and cozy table lamp to light up the whole room. It is right for the bedroom, canteen, yoga space, nursery room and etc. It is more than a clock, a bed light, decorative light, or meditation light. It can be used anywhere you like. Best gift for their loved families, lover and friends on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, thank-yous, graduation, birthday, Thanks Giving, and special occasions

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